Lino Prints

While living in Rossland, British Columbia in 2002, I completed a series of prints.  Rossland is an amazing place where residents and visitors have tremendous access to outdoor activities and as a result activities such as skiing and biking are intertwined with the culture of the area.  I would like to acknowledge funding I received through the Columbia Basin Trust  which allowed me to do this work.

Some originals prints and art cards are still available.  Please use form here to submit your inquiries.

Mini Bowls 
Mini Bowls (Blue)

Sea of Paradise


Centennial Cruise

Centennial Cruise (B&W)

Gibbard's Glide
Gibbard's Glide (B&W)

Record Ridge

Techno High (Orange)

Techno High (Violet)

Techno High

Blue Bird

Winter Owl, 2016