Photography- At Play

Artists Statement - At Play

Becoming a mother was both the most incredible and debilitating experience I have yet encountered.  I was overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead of me and the impossibility of perfecting it.  As this dark fog began to lift, I began to see great beauty in the ordinary activities in life: going for a bike ride, sitting on the beach, camping with my children.

Watching my children set up carefully constructed scenes with their figurines, I was reminded of the magic of play, and how I too would carefully lay out my favourite doll or figuring beside me at night and say a prayer that my doll would come alive during the night.  I was a child of strong faith and truly believed that if I prayed hard enough, this might actually happen.

This series of photographs, which I title At Play, is about seeing the beauty in the ordinary.  It is also about allowing ourselves to escape into an imaginary word.  I hope the juxtaposition of the plastic toy in the natural environment does not seem awkward to the viewer, but allows the viewer, like me, to imagine that he or she is the figure in the photo.  

There are approximately 100 photographs in this series.  The images below are a small selection of these.

Bird Watching

Forest Bike Ride

Graduation Day

Groomer Girl

Handling the Waves

Ice Climbing

Paddling Back to Shore

Pidherny Ride

Prairie T

Relaxation At Last

Santa and His Sack


Smooth Paddling

Snowman in Helmet

Soccer Girl

Upper Sidewinder

Wedded Bliss (Black & White)

Winter Hike